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Summit is a 2D Metroidvania in which you explore a giant open world that is located on a mountain massif.

This already war-torn country has recently been befallen by a mighty set of catastrophes. Your unlikely protagonist, a member of the weak Ruby tribe, turned out to be one of a few survivors of the last cataclysm, a giant avalanche. Your initial personal mission quickly turns into the ultimate search for truth - a search that requires you to climb the fabled grand summit.

Your journey begins when you wake up in a mysterious cave. Struck by the blow of a giant avalanche you and your fellow miners have been washed away into the darkness. You must climb out of this crevasse and head to Pinetown - the once great village at the very foot of the Mountain. There might be your only chance to gather the strength, the gear and the knowledge to begin your ascent of the unknown. Your destination - the Summit - is clear, but the way there is as treacherous as it is fabulous.

The World

The Mountain and its two siblings form a gigantic massif ranging from subterranian caverns to the peak towering into the sky. Explore the vastness of this world that is over 12 unique areas, including multiple villages. Prove your mountaineering skills to pass unique landscapes: from challenging mountain passes and via ferratas to frigid ice caves or abandoned mines.
Take the fastest but most dangerous route or find a safer more convenient way? Rush to the Summit or take detours to explore the history and remnants of these lands? It is your choice, but only one will lead you to the ultimate truth.

The People

The lands of the Mountain have once been home to a multitude of clans and people of different origin. Only a handful survived the events and a few new ones sought refuge when their own lands became uninhabitable.

  • The Ruby People, an unimpressive but peaceful lot. Settling in the lower areas of the Mountain, they have become mostly farmers and entertain themselves with festivals, food and drinking.
  • The Emerald People hailed from oriental lands and settled the Mountain long ago in search for refuge. Their curious nature led them to great discoveries and expeditions, but also to their eventual downfall.
  • The Sapphire People, a belligerent clan with little to no recorded history. Their forceful invasion of the Mountain resulted in what is known as the Turquoise War, a tragic struggle between them and the Emeralds which ended in a truce and a further loss of already scarce resources.
  • The Granite People, natives of the Mountain, are well adapted to the harsh environment and have temporary settlements far up the Mountain, higher than most people will ever dare to venture.
  • The Sulfur People...little is known about this fabled clan. Their dubious origins remain a mystery to this day.

The Mechanics

Following the traditions of the Metroidvania genre, the game lets you freely explore an interconnected world. The game relies on minimal player guidance in favor of environmental storytelling, clues through dialog and the joy of discovering new things and places.

Platforming in the game is getting more and more challenging through the introduction of new abilities. Movement was designed to feel somewhat realistic and resembling actual mountain climbing. Abilities are mostly climbing gear like ice picks and the game’s signature move – the grappling hook, which allows the player to traverse the world in a very fun and agile way.


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nice game, the controls sometimes feel a bit weird when it comes to wall jumping and edge climbing. but thats okay.

I'm currently a bit unsure what the next step is.
got the dash, the wall jump, visited the cascades, got the bread.
cant see any new area that I could currently conquer.

also not sure how to use any item in this game.
sure q seems to be the button to use the currently chosen item but how do I choose the item in the inventory in the first place?

I have this sapphire key which I want to try in the lower pinetown but no idea how to use it.

aside from that, no idea where to go now.
first pearl is saved and brought to our shaman too.

also, when I played the game for the second time, loading the save game, suddenly , no matter where I am, pressing E gives me some monologue from some "Tina" chick on top of whatever E would or would not do in that certain situation.
press e, always get at least the 2 dialogue lines form tina.
whoever that is :-D

would have been nice if you were invincible during dialogue as good old tina made me die when i pressed e and an enemy was nearby :-)


Thanks for playing, first of all :)

As for the next steps, you might want to have a look inside the large house in Lower Pinetown (there you should find a hint).

As for the strange dialogue bug - that's new to me, will look into it immediately, thanks for reporting :)

yeah I saw that number hint but no idea how or where to use it.
by the way the key from that one rock trapped guy isnt for the closed house in the first town, is it? cause i got no idea how to use it there


Ah fair enough, then try combining the hint with your map (note the red grid with numbers and letters)

No the blue key is for a different house. If you can use an inventory item anywhere, the game will let you know :)

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sorry I am just too dumb for this :-(
I dont get it

Like I got to that location.
dont really remember what was there but I remember picking it up way earlier.
or dont remember where to use it.

Edit: it seems to hinting at that frozen pickaxe but no idea what to do about it.
cant really pick that up or anything.
and there isnt really anything in the area above it (at least now it is)


I'm so sorry, I just found that there was indeed a bug with the keys. The blue key accidently had the same ID as the other key, so when you collected it and saved, the game thought the other key was also already collected, so it didn't respawn when loading the game again.

Thanks so much for helping me find this bug, and sorry for the inconvenience :)

Please download the new version and the issue should be fixed (the key should now actually be at the spot B4).

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nice game

Thanks :)
It seems you had some weird camera zoom bugs towards the end of the video. I'll try to figure out what happened there